lauantai 21. maaliskuuta 2009

Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

Video on Youtube:
Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

The video starts with the girl looking out of window and it's raining outside. How really sad. Now I can tell this is gonna be some teenagers love song and those are boring and I always switch the channel or mute the sounds when I see something like this.

It is revealed that the place she is in is a tour bus. Everyone goes get some coffee and donuts when the bus stops. But Demi has to stay outside with an umbrella and tell her tragic story. When I'm outside when theres raining it's freezing. And I can't imagine what it would be with that much rain. But Demi doesn't seem to mind.

There's a merry-go-around. Still she is sad. Why is the merry-go-around working when there's no-one to use it? That's creepy! Demi is a tough girl and stays there telling the story no-one is interested about.

Then she decides to show the guy she has been whining about the whole song and now the whole band stands in the rain. They are so cool and Demi is so over that guy. No matter how much there rains. She has her backup-band and a guitar. She doesn't need a man. I would have never thought this would happen in the video because it has been so original by far.

She has learned her lesson and now it's all a bittersweet memory. She is a grownup.

I'm so happy that I'm not a teen anymore. Then I would think this is the best video ever made.

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Beyonce - Diva

Video on Youtube:
Beyonce - Diva

Beyonce has spent too much time with her husband. Or maybe with Timbaland.

The song is awful, nothing that could stuck in your head. But the video is horrible. Does she really think that it's cool to hang in a warehouse without pants? Maybe she doesn't know she has no pants because of those sunglasses that she wears inside the building.
Pantlessness and sunglasses are so taken from Lady Gaga. Why don't she come up with her own ideas? Or better, why doesn't her stylists come up with new ideas?

Oh Beyonce, I really liked Destiny's Child but your solo career is nowhere near its awesomeness.
Stay at home and have some babies with Jay-Z like a normal wife would do.

Hannah Montana - Let's Get Crazy

Video on Youtube:
Hannah Montana - Let's Get Crazy

Do. Not. Want.

I can't understand this Hannah Montana-mania. Then again don't live in USA.

I feel sorry for the children that think this is awesome. It's just a way to Disney to make more money but they don't realize it. They think Hannah/Miley is so cool and want to have parties at the stage. They don't see the emptiness in the song and video.

So sad.

Darin feat. Kat DeLuna - Breathing Your Love

Darin feat. Kat DeLuna - Breathing Your Love

Why, oh why?!!

Darin had that one good song and so did Kat DeLuna so why is this song existing?

Singing in the alley can't be that cool. Well, maybe if your not really on a back alley among with garbage and urine and stuff like that.

And the most annoying thing in this song is that "Looh, looh" thing that Darin keeps "singing". What the hell? I got some good laughs from this. Also those "Eeeh, eeh, aah" things are really annoying. Go to that alley and scream those and you get dragged to the station by the police.

What's with Kat? She seems a little chubby. It's a good thing but they really don't show her figure, just her face. I wonder why....?

I can't decide wich one I dislike more, the song or the video.